What is Beasmart

About Beasmart

Welcome to our powerful mobile application management platform. With just few simple steps you can shape your own mobile application designed to suit your purpose and engage your users on many levels.
Beasmart can concurrently benefit you and your app users. Build your mobile app with us & attract clients by providing them with easy to use tool full of interesting content, promotions, and information available straightaway to their mobile devices.

Easy to use

Beasmart is an easy to use, yet innovative and robust platform.

It is packed with many favorable features which can be mixed and matched to create mobile applications exactly the way you want it. Thanks to authorized access to the platform's CMS you will be able to have full control on the content of your app and any communication with the users, and will be able to update it as often as needed.

Online platform

The platform is available online and does not require any software installations.

You can access it anytime and anywhere as long as you have internet connection. Most importantly it does not require any coding skills or technical knowledge necessary from the user, so basically everyone can become a developer of their own mobile app.


The applicable industries

Bring the richest possible customer experience into your industry.



Get Started

Follow these simple steps to register and fully enjoy your Beasmart.mobi platform and apps.



    Click on one of many call to action buttons located throughout the website and register for the access to the Beasmart platform. You will receive the confirmation email.

    After registration you will be automatically logged in to the Beasmart platform where you will be able to choose your preferred plan and make an online payment. You will receive another confirmation email including App Code.

    Use the Beasmart platform to shape the desired application that will represent the character of your company and provide app users with interesting, valuable content.

    To see how good work you have done with your app on actual mobile device download the Beasmart application from the App Store and Google Play store. Then unlock it using the APP Code provided to you in the payment and subscription confirmation email.

    Once you are happy with the app you made and want to expose it to the world, fill in the essential information in the specially designed for it page within the platform, and leave it on us. We will take care of the reviewing and publishing your app for you. And if we still need any additional info from you, do not worry, we will be in touch!