Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some information which will help you in getting more familiar with the Beasmart platform and the explicit functionalities it provides.

FAQ for Beasmart.Mobi App Management Platform

What is Beasmart?
Beasmart.Mobi is an online platform which gives Subscribers the ability to create customized mobile applications on their own. It offers many attractive features which can be used based on the Subscriber's preferences and final vision of the app, as well as selected Subscription Plan.

Beasmart includes an Online Apps Management Platform, which is used to create and modify application's content. The platform is cloud-based and does not require any additional hardware or software download on your computer. The second component of our product is a Beasmart mobile application, which allows to preview the content of your under construction app. In order to use the Beasmart mobile application you will need to download it on the mobile device.
Why use the Beasmart online platform?
  • No Coding Skills needed: shape the app you want without any technical knowledge or skills.
  • Online App CMS: create and manage your mobile app anywhere you are, all you need is an Internet connection.
  • Social Media Integration: connect your Social Media profiles to your mobile app.
  • Features Rich: mix and match the available features to built your dream app.
  • Proximity Based Notifications: reach your app users on the spot, with beacon notifications.
  • Push Notifications: reach your app users at any time with direct, instant messages.
  • Advanced Reporting: Gain insights on how well your users respond to your in-app marketing activities.
  • Native Apps: the apps are precisely fitted to the iOS and Android systems.
  • Dedicated Account Manager: personalized communication with one designated person responsible for your account.
  • Excellent Customer Support: regardless if you get the priority or email customer support with your plan, we are always there to help you.
What phones will my app be compatible with?
With every Beasmart subscription you will get access to the Beasmart Online Apps Management Platform to create the content of your mobile application. While publishing your mobile application to the App and Google Stores, we will, in fact, create two native mobile applications: one for iOS and one for Android devices.

Therefore your app will be available for iPhones and Android phones with shared content. Since each app is targeted especially to the respective mobile operating systems the apps display may slightly differ.
How can I get started?
The initial step is to register with us and select your preferred plan. You can do this by clicking here.

You will receive confirmation email from us and you will be able to start using the platform and create your dream app.
How can I make sure Beasmart is what I am looking for?
New users can benefit from free one month trial version of the Beasmart Online App Management Platform.

To get free trial register yourself here.

We are so sure that you will like our app building platform that in the trial version we offer you a complete solution! The only restriction is publishing the app to the stores. You can subscribe for our services at any time during or after your trial version expires.
When do I use my username and password?
During registration to Beasmart Online App Management Platform you will create your own unique credentials as well as a secret code to the app.

With your login credentials you will be able to access the Beasmart platform and create your mobile app. The credentials must be kept secret at all times and must be used only by the registered users.
What is authentication code and when do I use it?
The app authentication code will be automatically created for your account after the successful payment for your subscription plan.The unique code is used for unlocking the Beasmart app and previewing the app content before publishing it to the stores.

Once the code is placed in the Beasmart mobile app it will no longer be necessary since the app will auto log in the user. .
Can I change my authentication code?
The authentication code is a unique code generated by the system and cannot be changed.
I forgot my authentication code. What should I do?
If you forget your app’s authentication code, log in to the Beasmart App Management Platform using your credentials. You will find your code in your profile settings information.
Who can use the Beasmart platform?
The Beasmart Online App Content Management platform can be used by anyone who wants to build and have full control of their own native mobile applications at a competitive price.
Do I need to know programming to make my own app using BeaSmart platform?
You do not need any programming knowledge or coding skills to build your mobile app with our platform. You add the content with visual wizards and all the coding happens in a background. However, if you happen to have some basic HTML knowledge, you will be able to create more advanced pages.
What does Beasmart app include?
It is entirely up to you how do you envision and shape your application. The features can be freely mixed and matched to opt for best outcome. Here below are some of the key functionalities offered for developing your apps with Beasmart.

Content Features

Choose from variety of options to create rich content of your app with descriptive and illustrative pages. With these group of features you can provide important information about your business, include news and useful tips, locate significant places and let the app user get in touch with you in a simple way.

Social Media Features

If you are socially active and have your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other accounts you can simply feed in the content of their posts, galleries, playlists and news into your app.

Application Settings

Brand your application to provide the same look and feel as any other medium you are using for your business. Also, speak language of your app users and study their behavior with Google Analytics.

Send Push Notifications to your app users

Communicate with your application users, by sending instant or scheduled push notifications directly to their phone, where ever they are.

Send proximity based notifications

Using the Beacon technology your app users can receive messages while they are within sufficient proximity to Beacons placed in your premises. This tool is very useful for providing high context information literally at the right spot.

Embedded Webpage

Now you can offer your webpage as a mobile app with no extra development time and at a very low cost. Simply type in the page URL and your website will turn into mobile app which then you can publish to stores. Note that this is a separate plan, which cannot be combined with other subscriptions.

Can I customize the color of my app?
You can freely customize your application's color scheme to perfectly fit into your brand's look and feel.
The scheme consists of 2 colors:

- Primary Color: applied to major areas of the app e.g. main menu, title bar,
- Accent Color: applied to minor areas of the app e.g. share button or menu page highlight.

You can change the colors in the "App Settings" section of the Beasmart platform.
Which devices will be able to access my app?
The BeaSmart mobile app can be accessed from any device with an Android or iOS operating system. For utilizing the Beacon notifications the smart phones must have a higher version than:
    • 4.3 Jelly Bean (Android Operating System)
    • iOS 7 (Apple’s Operating System)
How can I share my app with others during my TRIAL period?
Normally you would be able to publish your application to Google Play and App Store, however this is not possible during the trial period. You can share the content of your app during trial or before publishing to store by granting them your unique secret authentication code. Those who wish to view your app must first download the Beasmart application and use the authentication code provided.
How can I transfer my app to Google or App Store?
Once you are happy with the content of your application you can submit it in the "Publish Apps" section of the Beasmart platform. The forms for both Google Play and App Store will guide you through the process of publishing your app and sharing it globally.
Is there more to come?
The Beasmart online Application Content Management platform is a fresh creation recently released in beta version. The platform is further evolving by being constantly upgraded with improvements and new features which concern the platform itself as well as the apps created with it.

FAQ for Beacon devices

What is a Beacon?
Beacon is a small wireless device which utilizes the Bluetooth-Low-Energy technology and broadcasts radio signals.
A mobile device receives and understands these signals with the use of the specific mobile application. To enable this service we need two components: the transmitter: beacon hardware device, and a receiver: mobile device with Bluetooth and application. Beacons can be easily attached to any location or object.
Do I need to have beacons to use the Beasmart?
It is not necessary to have Beacons in order to use the Beasmart platform or application as the Beacon functionality is only one of the many robust features the Beasmart offers.

If you choose not to use the Beacon technology there are other forms of communication which can be utilized with Beasmart. For example, the Beasmart application can be configured to receive only push notifications or no notifications at all. The features you want to use depends on your preferences and selected Subscription plan.
Why use Beacons?
Using the beacon compatible app can concurrently benefit both businesses and the app users. A good example can be found in the retail sector where shop owners can purchase and place a number of beacon devices in their store.
Those Beacons can be then configured through the Beasmart Online App Management Platform to send customized messages to visitors’ mobile phones (provided that they have already installed the shop’s app) while they are in the range of a beacon.

Some of the key reasons why using Beacons can boost the business:

  • They can build a communication channel between the App owner and the App users.
  • They can be used for creating important statistics based on the location of App users within the premises of App owner.
  • They can be used as a tool for targeted advertising.
  • They help in building business awareness by providing up to date information about the business. For example, if app user is near a product of the app owner, then a message can be delivered to the app user to present details about the specific product.
  • They can be used for monitoring and learning the app user’s behavior within the premises, thus, improving the business’s performance for reaching those app users more effectively.
Where are Beacons applicable?
Beacons can be used pretty much anywhere and within any industry since they can give direct communication with app users. Some of the most common places where Beacons can be found are: airports, museums, retail stores, hotels, hospitals, zoos, libraries and any other places that indoor navigation or communication is useful.
What is Beacon's range?
A beacon device can recognize a mobile application developed with Beasmart Online App Management Platform within a distance of up to 70 m (230 ft). The actual range depends on the interior and possible signal disturbances e.g. walls, furniture etc. It is important to mention, that a beacon device has an effective range of 70 meters (radius) towards all directions.
What type of Beacons can I use with my Beasmart mobile app?
Most types of Beacons available on the market is compatible with our Beasmart Online App Management Platform and can be configured to work with your customized mobile app.

The Beasmart platform and application both fully support any kind of Beacon that can transmit the following data:

  1. UUID: it is a Universally Unique Identifier standard used in software development.
  2. Major Number: Major Values are numbers which are assigned to Beacons and provide more accuracy in identifying Beacons than only using UUID alone.
  3. Minor Number: Minor Values are numbers which are assigned to Beacons and provide more accuracy in identifying Beacons than only using UUID alone.
Which users can get my beacon notifications?
Your custom mobile application users can receive notifications provided that:

  • They installed your application on their smartphone.
  • They have their phone’s Bluetooth switched on.
  • Their smart device’s operating systems are Android or iOS of a higher version than:
  1. 4.3 Jelly Bean (Android Operating System)
  2. IOS 7 (Apple’s Operating System)

FAQ for Push Notifications

What are Push Notifications and why do I need them?
Push notifications are simple notifications received from apps installed on a mobile device that wake up the handset and alert the user with a message displayed on the home or lock screen.

Push notifications are widely used on all mobile devices as a way to inform or update the user. They are generally accepted as a great way to bring app users back to your app.
When will the users get the Push Notifications I sent?
With Beasmart Online App Management Platform you can order the Push Notifications to be sent instantly or scheduled for particular date and time.
Can I see what notifications were sent?
Beasmart platform provides you with with complete history about the applications that you sent and the ones that are still scheduled to be sent. The history includes the title of the message, the date it was sent and the date when it was created.