Content Features

You can mix and match all these features to display the valuable informative content within your app.




Social Media Integration

Link your social media accounts to your mobile application and display all your social activity.





Form and shape your app as you want and have a better insight in the users behavior.




Reaching out

Effortlessly contact your mobile app users with contextual and push notifications.


Beacon Notifications

You can send Proximity Notifications with the use of the beacon devices. The users will receive the message through the application if they are within a range of the beacon. You can define what information the app should receive and the period it should happen and this way enhance contextual interaction with the app user, since they can even receive personalized marketing content such as coupons and more.

Push Notifications

Send text messages directly to your customers mobile devices instantly in a form of a pop up that will wake up their mobile device. Push Notifications can be sent to all app users at any time you want. Simply type in your message and press send. Voila!

Common Features

Native Apps
All the apps created with the Beasmart are Native. This means they are targeted to fit the actual requirements of the operating system the mobile phone is using.

Customer Support
Do not worry we will not leave you alone even though you can build your app without coding skills. Our Technical Team is always here to help you!

The Beasmart platform features multiple visual tutorials which will facilitate an app building process for you.